Mission Voices Summer 2006: Rise Up! Levantate!

Mission Voices Summer 2006

Mission Voices Summer 2006: Rise Up! Levantate!

Now in its 11th year, Mission Voices Summer 2006 is organized by Southern Exposure's Artists in Education Program in collaboration with CELLspace/ Mission Urban Arts after school program, the Columbia Park Boys & Girls ClubHorizons Unlimited, and the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House Experiment in Diversity Program. This summer, lead artists include photographer Emilio Bañuelos, printmaker Marcela Flórez Rodríguez, and local visual artist and educator, Mira Michelle.

RISE UP! LEVANTATE! is a participatory exhibition project by youth using art to create an environment where they are able to define how they want to be seen and heard. Mission Voices Summer youth, lead artists and artist interns use photography, sculpture, and printmaking to create representations of their lives and experiences in the Mission District. Rising above their accepted notions of the world, the work they create attempts to challenge cultural and social barriers, break stereotypes, examine political and social movements, and develop tools to accept diverse points of view as a means of building a more diverse and inclusive society

Participants in Mission Voices 2006:

Lead Artists
Emilio Bañuelos
Marcela Flórez
Mira Michelle

Claire Droney
Justin Hoover
Andrea Rey
Chinzalee Sonami

Youth Leaders 
Victor Chan
Keshia Evans
Brandon Moncada

Mission Urban Arts/Horizons Unlimited Participants
Karla Flores
Juan Gallardo
Tony Goodwin
Raul Antoni Hernandez
Verenice Lopez
Veronica Lopez
Lizandro Martinez
Fany Mojica
Ana Morales
Martin Olivares
Fatima Ramos
Marlen Sanchez
Jesse Antonio Veigara

CELLSpace / Mission Urban Arts Staff
Lizbett Callaros
Helen McGrath

Horizons Unlimited / Mission Urban Arts Staff
Jacob Simas

Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club Participants
Rebecca Brierley
John Bourdet
Ibsa Legasse
Bania Lopez
David Rogers
Oscar Serrano
Liz Tesoro
George Varela
Shontay Vessell
Jordan Vinson
Keeler Wallace

Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club Staff 
Margarita Carranza 
Ivan Corado
Mariana Chavez

Potrero Hill Neighborhood House/Experiment in Diversity Participants 
Derrick Beauregard
Clementina Benson
Sha’Queta Carson
Vanesa Castelinos
Jimmy Chandler
De’Ontal Cratic
Marlyn Curry
Marcus Duncan
Orlando Foster
Tanzaneia Flakes
Artemis Lee
Jared Lewis
Lay – Lay Logan
Eric Martin
Antionae Moore
Ausundra Powell
Terrance Turner

Potrero Hill Neighborhood House Staff 
Sharon Johnson

Shidume Lozad