MIssion Voices Summer 2010: Echo, Echoes, Echoed

Mission Voices Summer 2010 Exhibition

MIssion Voices Summer 2010: Echo, Echoes, Echoed

This year's Mission Voices Summer theme, ECHO, ECHOS, ECHOED, explores personal identity through the guise of the past, present and future. Throughout the summer, three collaborative projects, or acts, guide learning and art making, culminating in a three-act performance amidst an elaborate and compelling set.

    * ACT ONE : (ECHO) FUTURE/HISTORY- Matthew Rana, assisted by Ana Bedolla work with students to generate material for an experimental play through investigations into role-playing, mimicry and memory.

    * ACT TWO: (ECHOES) PAST/PLACE-  Llewelynn (Welly) Fletcher assisted by Carlos Ramirez facilitate a set design workshop, including the making of a moveable stage, costumes and masks. Students make masks with clay, plaster, wax and dermagel and  students explore notions of place through scavenging the neighborhood, collecting sounds, artifacts and making clay impressions.

    * ACT THREE: (ECHOED) PRESENT/IDENTITY- Ace Lehner assisted by Anastasja (Taj) Robinson focus on self-reflection through the medium of photography and custom design.