Mission Voices Summer 2008: INsight OUT

Mission Voices Summer 2008

Mission Voices Summer 2008: INsight OUT

Lead Artists: Marcela Florez, Tara Foley, Sasha Petrenko
Artist Collaborators:  Lauren Anderson, Adrianne Fernandez, Javier Gutierrez
Intern: Jihaari Terry
Youth Leaders: Nathaniel Galipeau, Rebecca Michelson, James Orellana
Mission Voices Youth Artists: Essence Alexander, Salvzdina Banderas, Constance Castillo, Ally Cook, Dashonte Craig, Nathaniel Galipeau, Luigi Gutierrez, Laura Hobbs, Daniel Lemus, Diego Luna, Amadeo Martinez, Melissa Mejia, Rebecca Michelson, James Orellana, Nina Potepan, Byron Ramos, Jessica Repas

Community Partners: Columbia Park Boys and Girls Club: Jason Hendsch, Mark Heija and Jewish Vocational Services, Autumn Kelley

​Mission Voices Summer (MVS) is a summer arts program that gives youth in the Mission District the opportunity to exercise leadership skills and participate in their community by exploring relevant social and personal issues through visual arts workshops. The program focuses on arts-based community development by pairing local artists with teens through an intensive summer program. MVS teaches youth to use the visual arts as a tool to express their creative voices and to make a visual statement about their ideas, interests, and ambitions through a series of workshops that result in an exhibition presented to the community.

INsight OUT reveals layers of the self, from looking inside out, and outside in. Participants tackle the issues of stereotypes and individuality through photography, installation, silk screening, sculpture, drawing, mapping, model-making, painting, collage and sound engineering.