Mission Voices Summer 2013: El Porvenir / What is to Come

MIssion Voices Summer (MVS) 2013 Exhibition

Mission Voices Summer 2013: El Porvenir / What is to Come

Opening/Grito de la Mision Celebration: Friday, June 28, 2013, 5:00 - 7:00 pm
Exhibition Dates: June 28 - July 13, 2013, Tuesday - Saturday, 12:00 - 6:00 pm
Program Dates: June 10 - 28, 2013

Lead Youth Mission Voices Summer Artists: Soukeyna Alberts, Samantha Barberena, Lori Bato, Erika Bato, Joanna Beltran, Maybel Campos, Cosimo Comito-Steller, Milo Comito-Steller, Sonja Flores, Kayleena Fong, Melissa "Kat" Fullmer, Joshua Garcia, Teresa Gomez, Charles Gomez, Samantha Gomez, Carlos Gonzalez, Joel Hlamphakdi, Brian Katz, Anzhela Klimenko, Jennifer Lara, Grace Leary, Carlos Mendoza, Julianna Perez, Noah Pryfogle, Caitlyn Quibell, Stefan Razvaliaeff, Jacqueline Sanchez, Adonay Efrian Sanchez Montoya, John Saunders, Amanda Seigel, Jherlyn Sermiento, Sara Torres, and Chuqiao Zeng.

Lead Teaching Artists: Whitney Lynn, Sarah Matik, and Melissa Wyman
Assistants Teaching Artists: Kellie Flint, Sadie Harmon, and Sarah Matik
Youth Leaders: Erika Bato, Lori Bato, Brian Kats and Grace Leary
Program Director: Dave Sandoval
MVS Intern: Nicole Murphy
MVS Intern Photographer: Kayleena Fong

Southern Exposure's Mission Voices Summer (MVS) is an arts program that gives youth the opportunity to exercise leadership skills in their community by exploring relevant social and personal issues through visual arts workshops. The intensive summer program focuses on arts-based community development by pairing local artists with teens. Youth learn to use the visual arts as a tool to express their creative voices and to make a visual statement about their ideas, interests, and ambitions through a series of workshops that result in a project presented to the public at Southern Exposure.

El Porvenir / What is to Come explores the theme of translation through movement, medium, objects, space, language and the senses through three projects:

The Three Projects Include: 
Melissa Wyman and Sadie Harmon lead City Islands and Urban Obstacles a project translating the urban landscape of the Mission district into drawings, photos, and mobile islands that transforms Southern Exposure into an interactive obstacle course.

Whitney Lynn and Kellie Flint lead Take 2, a project exploring translation through the reinterpretations, reenactment and documentation of historical iconic images to produce photographs, tableaux vivants, videos and written work.

Sarah Matik and Whitney Lynn lead The Whole Package, a project examining the imagery, intentions and branding behind current pop stars to create new pop personas using collaborative direction and performance.