Donate Stock


To make a gift via stock or securities transfer, please notify Southern Exposure staff of the name of the company whose shares will be transferred, the number of shares and the date you plan to make the transfer. Southern Exposure's policy is to sell stock gifts on the same day that they are received. Your gift acknowledgment and receipt will indicate the number of shares transferred and the valuation of the stock on the day of transfer. Brokerage deadlines for requesting security transfers are typically December 10th for donations in the same calendar year.

Instructions for your broker:

Account Name: Southern Exposure
Federal Tax ID: 93-1216297
Account Number: 1014999120
DTC Number: 0141

Transfer Address and Contact:

One North Jefferson Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Please view the information below, or your financial advisor may help you.

Wells - Letter of Authorization (LOA) to Transfer Funds or Securities (PDF)
Merrill - Outgoing Partial Asset/Gifting Transfer Authorization Form - Distributions to Charity 877.653.4732 8am - 5pm EST M-F
Schwab - Charitable Gift Transfer Letter of Authorization  800-536-4274

If you need additional information, please contact our Executive and Co-Director at [email protected]