Mapping the Californian Ideology

Robby Herbst

Mapping the Californian Ideology

A conversation about West Coast technological-libertarianism

Join us for a discussion and group-think inspired by "The Californian Ideology," a 1995 essay by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron. The intimate conversation is led by Robby Herbst as preliminary research for New New Games, a large-scale participatory project to be presented by Southern Exposure at an off-site location in April 2016. A small reception will follow the conversation.

The conversation will include a discussion of the text, as well as a presentation by Michael W. Wilson (co-founder of Social Satisfaction Studio) locating the technical infrastructure of the bay. The group-think will conclude with a brief feedback exercise.

Read "The Californian Ideology" here.

New New Games is supported by the Graue Family Foundation.