The Tallest Part of the Arch

Poster published in conjunction with The Tallest Part of the Arch, group exhibition curated by SoEx Curatorial Council Member Marcela Pardo Ariza Featuring work by Susana Eslava, Jamil Hellu, Humanizando la Deportación (Humanizing Deportation), Javier Ocampo, Maria Paz, Purin Phanichphant and Cristina Victor with texts by Ángel Rafael Vázquez-Concepción, Juliana Delgado Lopera, Jackie Valle and Jovanna Venegas.

Publication date: 

Friday, February 15, 2019

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Publication writer(s): 

Juliana Delgado Lopera
Marcela Pardo Ariza
Jackie Valle
Ángel Rafael Vázquez-Concepción
Jovanna Venegas

Publication artist(s): 

Javier Ocampo

Publication designer(s): 

Juan Carlos Rodriguez

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Publication dimensions: 

18 x 24 inches

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