SMEP 11 of 20, Kubick, Buchla + Wada

Southern Machine Exposure Project Event 11 of 20

SMEP 11 of 20, Kubick, Buchla + Wada

Chris Kubick (SF)
Ezra Buchla & Tashi Wada (LA)

In the home of Stephanie Kern

Thursday, June 21, 2012, 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Audience Capacity: 25 people

Artist and Project Information:

Audible Exformation Exchange Party
Chris Kubick
Ezra Buchla & Tashi Wada

'Exformation' is information discarded in the process of creating consciousness, also shared context. Tashi Wada and Ezra Buchla will examine microscopic physical and psychoacoustic properties of pitch, time, and timbre. Chris Kubick will be using and abusing the language of sonic description with audience interaction. Crosstalk and interference between these processes will certainly occur.

Southern Machine Exposure Project events all take place in private homes that serve as public venues. As a result of the intimate nature of these 20 unique spaces there is limited attendance for each event. If you’d like to attend, you must sign up ahead of time and register online. Registration for each project opens seven days prior to the actual event. One new project opens daily at noon beginning June 4, 2012. Times and audience capacity varies for each project. Pre-registration is REQUIRED and all events are FREE.

Southern Machine Exposure Project is a project developed by Southern Exposure (San Francisco) and Machine Project (Los Angeles), involving 20 combinations of artists and performers from LA and SF, presented off-site in 20 homes in the Bay Area over 20 consecutive days from June 11 - 30.