Southern Machine Exposure Project Poster Designs

Southern Machine Exposure Project (SMEP)
June 11- June 30, 2012

(Announcing) 20 events
(Featuring) 20 combinations of artists and performers from LA and SF
(Inside of) 20 homes in the Bay Area
(Commemorated by) 20 posters
(Designed by) 20 designers from SF and LA
(Documented by) 20 videos

Southern Exposure (San Francisco) and Machine Project (Los Angeles) invite you to visit your neighbors' apartments, houses, backyards, and garages for 20 consecutive days/evenings of performances, psychic readings, workshops, ghost detecting, participatory foley effects, tableaux vivants, pet portraits, experimental music by dogs, low frequency sound performances (in closets), and general awesomeness throughout the month of June 2012.

Each event features a collaboration, double bill, or blind date between artists and performers from Los Angeles and San Francisco, and is commemorated by a series of posters by San Francisco and Los Angeles designers. Events take place off-site in residences throughout San Francisco and Oakland. Southern Exposure's 20th Street space serves as the production headquarters and meeting space for project participants and screens daily video documentation of each event as it accumulates throughout the project.

Each of the SMEP events is commemorated by a hand-pulled screenprint poster, designed by one of 20 LA and San Francisco designers and printed for us by Paul Morgan. The posters can all be viewed here. They are also available for sale here at SoEx or off-site at the events themselves for $20. The poster commemorates your experience, and sales help support these fabulously free endeavors.

20 Designers From LA And SF
San Francisco designers: Tim Belonax, Chiraag Bhakta, Zachary Gibson + Liam Devowski, Tina Hardison, Brett MacFadden, Adam Machacek, Paul Morgan, Marina Sauri, Scott Thorpe and Kim West
Los Angeles designers: Alex Cerrilla, Greg Coates, Seth Ferris + Lauren Harden, Shannon Losorelli, Brian Roettinger, Mike Stewart, Gail Swanlund, Tiffanie Tran, Rosten Woo, and Flo Zavala.