For When...

MixTapes Vol. 2

For When...

The world has a lot of challenges on offer these days, so we took a minute to breathe and reassess this project we started in May, but we are back with more MixTapes for you. SoEx Curatorial Councilmember and Artist Kija Lucas shares some links to help sustain you, for whatever you might need right now. 

Download MixTapes Vol. 2: For When... (PDF)
Created with love by Kija Lucas

Explore the linked tracks below and visit to learn more about the mixtape’s creator. 

Track Listing:

  1. For When I am Lonely and Heart Broken (Prince, 17 Days)
  2. For When I am worried about the world but feeling somewhat optimistic about possibilities for a different future (Tina Turner, We Don’t Need Another Hero)
  3. For when I need to feel seen (call Leila)
  4. For When I need to feel grounded (call Jennifer)
  5. For when I want to talk about photography or life decisions or my day (call Roula)
  6. For When I need to read something good and real and I have no f@#$@^g attention span (Mariko Tamaki)
  7. For when I need to check in, cause WTF!?! (call Tamara)
  8. For When I need to know that artists are still able to make incredible insightful things in this time (Rodney Ewing)
  9. For when I think about what artist and person has inspired me most and been the realest  (Mildred Howard)
  10. For When I need to laugh my ass off (Naomi Ekperigin)
  11. For When I want to listen to two badass women talk about how MF's need to do better (Nicole Byer + Roxane Gay)
  12. For more about how MF's need to do better (@seeblackwomxn on Instagram)


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Mixtapes Vol. 2: For When...
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