SMEP 17 of 20, Will Brown + Andrew Lau

Southern Machine Exposure Project Event 17 of 20

SMEP 17 of 20, Will Brown + Andrew Lau

Will Brown (SF)
Andrew Lau (LA)

In the home of Gay Outlaw and Bob Schmitz

Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 6:30 - 9:30 PM
Audience Capacity:
3 shifts of 20 people

Artist and Project Information:

Will Brown
John Seastrunk: Happy Holidays to All

Most San Franciscans are familiar with John Seastrunk's body of work, whether they realize it or not. For more than 40 years, the commercial window painter has decorated the storefront glass of countless Bay Area businesses. From the hard-to-miss "ZERO MONEY DOWN!" of Van Ness car dealerships to the festive Christmas displays of Mission Mexicatessens, Seastrunk's colorful and idiosyncratic work comes and goes with the seasons and the sales. With windows of their own at 24th and Treat in the Mission, Will Brown often runs into Seastrunk on his way to a job, especially around the various holidays that keep him most busy.
On June 27, Brown will extend his production budget for the SMEP project directly to Seastrunk for one day's worth of work. By day, he will cover the windows in the Richmond home of Gay Outlaw and Bob Schmitz with his "greatest holiday hits," condensing the time and space of a calendar year into one installation. By night, Brown will host an opening for Seastrunk, advertising nothing but his work and celebrating a full year of special occasions.

Andrew Lau
Tea Time with an Archivist

Disorganized information objects got you down? Sign up to meet with an archivist for a free 15-30 minute personal consultation/workshop (one to a few participants at a time) on how to organize/file/store/preserve your personal and/or professional archives. Workshops will also introduce to participants ideas from the history of archival science, personal and community archives and documentation, and professional best practices. During the duration of the workshops, archivist Andrew Lau will be organizing host Gay Outlaw and Bob Schmitz's recipe archive.

Southern Machine Exposure Project events all take place in private homes that serve as public venues. As a result of the intimate nature of these 20 unique spaces there is limited attendance for each event. If you’d like to attend, you must sign up ahead of time and register online. Registration for each project opens seven days prior to the actual event. One new project opens daily at noon beginning June 4, 2012. Times and audience capacity varies for each project. Pre-registration is REQUIRED and all events are FREE.

Southern Machine Exposure Project is a project developed by Southern Exposure (San Francisco) and Machine Project (Los Angeles), involving 20 combinations of artists and performers from LA and SF, presented off-site in 20 homes in the Bay Area over 20 consecutive days from June 11 - 30.