Paraformance [04]: PLAY

An Exploration of Play in Privately Owned Public Open Space

Paraformance [04]: PLAY

Locations: 55 Second Street, 101 Second Street, and 560 Mission Street

With an arsenal of resampled downtown repartee, a game of benevolent assassination unfolds in San Francisco's privately owned public open spaces (POPOS). Rebar partners with Jane McGonial and Ian Bogost to bring Cruel 2 B Kind to San Francisco's privately owned public open spaces (POPOS).

Cruel 2 B Kind is a game of benevolent assassination. At the beginning of the game, you and a partner-in-crime are assigned a secret weapon. To onlookers, it will seem like a random act of kindness. But to a select group of other players, the seemingly benevolent gesture is a deadly maneuver that will bring them to their knees. Some players will be slain by a serenade. Others will be killed by a compliment. You and your partner might be taken down by an innocent group cheer. The players might be anyone you meet on the street, in a lobby, or on a rooftop. Will the innocent be caught in the cross-fire? Oh, yes. When a random act of kindness could be your weapon (or your secret weakness) everyone is in the game.

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About the Game

Cruel 2 B Kind was created by Jane McGonigal and Ian Bogost, games researchers and designers who specializes in networked games for real-world spaces. Using ubiquitous computing technologies and metaphors to create massively-scaled, collaborative play, they explore ways in which meaningful gameplay can influence the cognitive frameworks, social relations, public participation, and personal identities of players in their everyday lives.