Paraformance [02]

An Exploration of Privately Owned Public Open Spaces

Paraformance [02]

COME ONE, COME ALL! Meet at 150 California Street and split into groups to fly kites around the neighborhood. CALL the Rebar hotline at 1-877-YO-REBAR (877-967-3227) for the latest COMMONspace information.


11:00 AM: Meet at the Rooftop Garden at 150 California Street
11:30 AM: Split into 3 groups to fly kites at 150 California Street, the 343 Sansome Street rooftop, and the 600 California Street breezeway.
1:00 PM: Reconvene at 150 California Street rooftop and relate experiences including environmental conditions, security, and reactions by other users of the spaces.
1:30 PM: If exceptional flying conditions have been located, let's go fly a kite.

Rooftop gardens were designed to serve as a respite from the concrete jungle. Landscaped with trees, benches, and fountains these urban oasis' provide visitors with a space to eat lunch, read a book, watch the clouds, and wave to people in the buildings nearby. In an effort to reclaim and explore San Francisco's rooftop privately owned public open spaces (POPOS), Rebar invites you to fly a kite on top of 150 California. BYOK (bring your own kite) or pick one up in Chinatown on the way.

Rebar's COMMONspace project is a part of SoEx Off-Site, a yearlong series of public art projects investigating diverse strategies for exploring and mapping public space.