Making Change: Assessing Twenty Years of Northern California Artists’ Organizations


Making Change: Assessing Twenty Years of Northern California Artists’ Organizations

September 24, 1994

Artists’ organizations in northern California, and from such agencies as WESTAF (Western States Arts Federation), and NAAO (The National Association of Artists’ Organizations).

Southern Exposure is excited to host “Making Change,” a symposium assessing twenty years of northern California artists’ organizations…Throughout their history, artists’ organizations have been at the vanguard of creative expression. Northern California is unique, both in its number and variety of artists’ organizations, and in the prominent role they play in the arts community. Interspersed throughout the day will be a series of small group facilitated discussions. Workshops will include “New Spaces, New Models” led by the Victoria Room’s Michael Damm and the Living Room’s Anastasia Hagerstrom; “Subversive Art and Death of Counter-Culture: New Expressions, Languages and the Commodification of Art,” led by Rick Jacobsen; a workshop on who leads, the artist or the presenter—led by Joe Goode and Wayne Hazzard; and the San Francisco Arts Commission; building relationships between artists and organizations led by Keith Carollo of Build and Southern Exposure Director Mike Blockstein; workshops on audience diversification and much more.



The History of Artists’ Organizations

Roberto Bedoya, Helen Bruner, Ann Hatch, Judy Moran, Nayland Blake.

“The History of Artists’ Organizations” will discuss the origins and historical impact of these venues from a local national perspective.


The State of the Fiscal State

Marina Drummer, Scott Heckes, Lawrence Thoo and Molly White. Moderated by Jon Winet.

In the “State of the Fiscal State,” representatives from public and private funding agencies will address the current tenuous funding climate for artists’ organizations.


The History of the Future

Rick Jacobsen, Chris Johnson, Liz Lerma, Renny Pritikin. Moderated by Susan Miller.

“The History of the Future” will assess the evolving role of organizations.