Untitled (Beach), Material Language Series

JD Beltran & Scott Minneman

Untitled (Beach), Material Language Series, 2017

Oil on wood panel, photograph, super-8 film, 4K video, custom software, custom framing
10 x 20 inches
Retail Value $14,000 / Starting Bid $5,600
Courtesy of the artists

The "Material Language" series is an innovative suite of works that examines the language and meaning of the material of painting, photography, film, and high-definition video in relationship to each other. Each work begins with a single image, then combines the mediums of painting, photography, Super-8 film, and high-definition video to portray that single image in four different media, but within one composition. For each image, one section is oil painted on gessoed wood panel, the next is a Cibachrome photographic print mounted on Plexiglas, the next is Super-8 film of the moving image transferred to HD video, and the last is HD video. All of these media are juxtaposed within the same, seamless composition to constitute one image, but in four different media.

JD Beltran is a conceptual artist, filmmaker, writer, curator, designer, and educator. Scott Minneman is an inventor and innovative technologist who designs, engineers, fabricates, invents, and exhibits novel physical interactive devices for public spaces. Their award-winning work, utilizing cutting-edge technology, taps into analog forms and blends the narrative and abstract in investigating how materials tell stories. They exhibit worldwide, including at the SFMOMA, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Walker Center, the Getty Institute, the MIT Media Lab, the Kitchen NYC, ProArte in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Fei Contemporary Art Center in Shanghai, China, the Kyrgyzstan National Museum, the De Young Museum, YBCA, and in multiple Zero1 New Media Biennials. They have been awarded fellowships and residencies from Global Art Lab, Stochastic Labs, the Workshop Residency, Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, and Artadia. They’ve received the Americans for the Arts award for creating one of the best public artworks nationwide (2009) and the New Technological Art Award for creating one of the best artworks worldwide (2014). Scott is faculty at the CCA, and Beltran is faculty at both CCA and the San Francisco Art Institute, and President of the San Francisco Arts Commission. They live and work in San Francisco.