A Limber Step in a Static Field

Brittany Atkinson

A Limber Step in a Static Field, 2016

Silver gelatin photogram
5 x 4 inches (unframed), 15 x 7 inches (framed)
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This piece was created using a video animation created by Brittany that consisted of jagged shapes and lines. The video was illuminated and playing from a digital screen while simultaneously imprinting itself onto the paper to create a one of a kind photogram.

Brittany Atkinson is a San Francisco-based artist from Detroit, Michigan. She received her MFA from California College of the Arts in 2015. Her work has been shown across the Bay Area and Michigan and has work permanently in the special collections libraries of Yale and Michigan University. Brittany's body of work is based around using digital gestural movement to skew images into new constructions. Considering software programs and apparatus hardware, she uses a variety of tools and methods to layer upon each other to yield complex fragmentations. She is interested in how the output of methods manifests with physical process and material.