Science Fair

group show

Science Fair

September 3rd – October 2nd, 1993

Opening reception: 6- 8pm, Friday, September 10th, 1993

Gallery Hours: 12 – 5pm, Wednesday – Saturday, 1993

A multi-media exhibition featuring over twenty artists and scientists Curated by Jon Winet.

Participating artists: Aaart Guise, Ink (Houston Texas); Michael Brown; Bruce Cannon; Janet Cardiff (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada); Pamela Carroll and Karen Kirschling; Stephanie Cress, Josie Iselin and Kathryn Weinstein; Annette Goodfriend; Rene de Guzman; Arnold Kemp; Anne McGuire; George Miller (Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada); Alan Rath; Rex Ray; Vanessa Schnatmeier/ Ted Swift; Wayne Smith; Luther Thie; Elaine Tin-Nyo (New York); Landa Townsend; and VIROCODE/ Peter D’Auria + Andrea Mancuso.

The exhibition will also feature displays produced collaboratively by members of the San Francisco Conservation Corps Youth in Action Crew 15 “ Dream Machines.” Working with crew supervisor, Nat Stoddard, Dream Machine’s twelve middle-school students from the Potrero Hill/ Bayview/ Hunter’s Point areas devoted their summer program to research and development of scientific concepts and projects.

“ Where Science Fact meets creative fiction

   Where aesthetics meet scientific evidence

   Beyond the Realm of Imagination…”

SCIENCE FAIR invites commentary on how science is used to validate, objectify and categorize the world around us. Art itself is a science, with it’s many areas of exploration in the worlds of chemistry (oil paint and film emulsion), electronics (video and computer art), anatomy (figure drawing), acoustics (music), anthropology (performance), etc. Artists have been asked to present work inspired by the theme. The exhibition will showcase artists and their creative contributions to the worlds of art and science worlds, often focusing on the intersection of the two.