Monolith is designed by Stevie Sokolouski and riso-printed by Tiny Splendor. This catalog includes an essay by Vanessa Thill, texts by Curator Ricki Dwyer and Artistic and Co-Director Valerei Imus and additional work by the show’s artists. It is available for sale for $15 each.

Publication date: 

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Publication writer(s): 

Ricki Dwyer
Vanessa Thill
Valerie Imus

Publication artist(s): 

Charmaine Bee
Edgar Fabián Frías
Leena Joshi
Jess Robbins
Liz Roberts

Publication designer(s): 

Stephen Sokolouski

Publication price: 


Publication dimensions: 

8 x 11

Publication project reference: