Byproduct: Deviation from Design

Published by Southern Exposure, San Francisco. Designed by Efrat Rafaeli. The catalog includes essays by Beej Cronin; Kurt Bigenho of the Dept. of Shape Research; design raw (Fadhy Bey, Nicolas Denhez, Markus Diebel, Pierre-Yves Dubois, Roman Gebhard, Tadeo Toulis, Pontus Wahlgren, & Rico Zörkendörfer); Catherine Harris and Sarah Kuehl; Matthew Hebert; Rebecca Miller; Sven Newman; Numen Associates©; Martin Venezky of Appetite Engineers.

This exhibition brings together diverse design practitioners who use their individual methodology to create work that lies outside of their respective disciplines. This exhibition features work by Kurt Bigenho/The Dept. of Shape Research, Beej Cronin, design raw, Catherine Harris and Sarah Kuehl, Matthew Hebert, Rebecca Miller, Sven Newman, Numen Associates®, and Martin Venezky/Appetite Engineers.

Publication date: 

Saturday, October 13, 2001

Publication designer(s): 

Efrat Rafaeli

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Southern Exposure

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5.5 x 5.5 inches

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