Southern Exposure will host Untethered, a daylong event featuring artists’ projects that interact with the public through mobility and service. This event is a unique opportunity to experience artists’ unconventional strategies for working in the public realm. Participants include Mobile Coffee Unit, a free coffee and community information project by Marc Horowitz; Where is YOUR Wheel? a walking project by Nathan Lynch; The Roadside Show and Tell, a portable roadside attraction by Alison Pebworth; Reap What you Sew, a mobile sewing cart by Michael Swaine; Satellite, a portable miniature gallery by Slingshot; and others. This event will be held on Saturday, March 27, 2004 from 11am to 5pm on the sidewalk outside of Southern Exposure gallery.

Marc Horowitz presents the Mobile Coffee Unit, a cart that is equipped with a Mr. Coffee machine, a community bulletin board, and its own power source. Horowitz sets up the Mobile Coffee Unit at Alamo Square every Saturday, offering tourists, local residents and the public free coffee and conversation. For more information about the Mobile Coffee Unit, visit www.slivanddulet.com/marc

Nathan Lynch’s project Where is YOUR Wheel? involves pulling and pushing a thirty-pound wheel. This idiosyncratic act evokes dog walking and Neanderthal behavior and attempts to challenge the public’s perception of rationality. Lynch has toured his performance to New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. For more information about Where is YOUR Wheel, visit www.nathanlynch.com

Alison Pebworth displays The Roadside Show and Tell, a portable roadside attraction extolling the virtues of the Occular Lobe, the ancient, and highly disregarded hidden lobe of the brain. Part circus sideshow, part research laboratory the Roadside Show and Tell utilizes painting and various data-collecting devices to engage unsuspecting passersby in dialog. The Roadside Show and Tell will be installed in the Mission neighborhood and visitors will follow a map to determine its exact location. For information about other projects by Alison Pebworth, visit www.alisonpebworth.com.

Slingshot, a group of emerging Bay Area artists, presents roving exhibitions in a retrofitted television cart.  The Satellite Gallery is fully equipped with wood floors, skylights, ceiling beams and track lighting, and it has featured five two-person shows at various venues across San Francisco. On March 27th, Satellite Gallery will showcase works by Tae Kitakata and Brittany Powell. For more information about Slingshot, visit www.slingshotart.org

Michael Swaine outfitted a cart with a treadle-operated sewing machine, and provides free sewing, mending, and tailoring services to the public. Swaine presents Reap What you Sew on a monthly basis at Cohen Alley, next to 509 Cultural Center.