Respiration Society: Club of the Month Club Quarterly #1

Respiration Society: a club for breathing bodies by Anne Walsh, with Tim Choy and Michael Swaine

Respiration Society: Club of the Month Club Quarterly #1

Join the club in 2013 at Southern Exposure. Each quarter, a different artist offers a unique take on the idea of clubs by leading visitors through shared rituals, developing new skills together, and cultivating common interests. Join one club or join them all—the more you participate, the more you'll belong! Become a better, more interesting person and meet other well-rounded people like you.

Anne Walsh's event, Respiration Society, is the first in a yearlong series of projects that form Club of the Month Club Quarterly in which curator Daniel Nevers asked artists, "If you could start a club, what would it be?" Walsh responded with The Respiration Society, a workshop and think tank for breathers. Including Walsh, anthropologist Tim Choy, and artist Michael Swaine, this first-ever meeting of the Respiration Society will be spent listening to breath portraits, practicing breathing exercises, and building a lexicon of breath metaphors toward a future anthropology of air. See what happens when we all share breath together at SoEx.

Everyone is welcome to join this club! Bring a desire to breathe and your own ideas for breath investigations to SoEx on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2-5 p,m.

Watch for future clubs from Jennie Ottinger in April, Erik Scollon in August, and Randy Colosky in November