Charette: City Bike Share Programs by Futurefarmers

by Futurefarmers Amy Franceschini and Michael Swaine in collaboration with Sabrina Merlo, Bay Area Bicycle Coalition

Charette: City Bike Share Programs by Futurefarmers

Recycle: Considerations, Amplifications and Applications of City Bike Share Programs

Why reinvent the wheel? Let’s have a collective look at bikes-as-transit programs around the world and pull from them what makes sense in San Francisco and design from there! Join advocates, artists, city agency representatives and urban planners for a half-day public dialog and design session for a San Francisco Bike Share program. Come prepared to participate in a design challenge. We want to hear from you!

Space is limited, so please sign up at [email protected] | 415-863-2141.

Facilitators: Amy Franceschini and Sabrina Merlo

Snacks provided, but please eat lunch or bring lunch!

1:00: Presentations
Amy Franceschini, Artist
Oliver Gadja, Bicycle Program Manager SFMTA
Jose I. Farran, P.E., Adavant Consulting
Rachel Kraii, SF Bicycle Coalition
Laura Timothy, Access Program Administrator, BART
Jordy Ford, Street Furniture/Transit Manager, Clear Channel Outdoor

2:00-2:30: Q + A
2:35-2:50: Charrette Intro
2:55-3:40:Break-out Sessions
3:45-4:15 Group Presentations
4:15-4:35 Collective Plan
5:00 Reception/ Informal Gathering