Untitled, 2020

First Made Into Language

Untitled, 2020


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surviving multiple apocalypses on the Land that gave birth to yr creation stories means every moment and gesture under the sun is a victory regardless of the homoerotic fascist force trying desperately to regain its hold. we don’t back down. we infiltrate poetry. we infiltrate music. we infiltrate every nook and cranny until a new world is realized. we infiltrate theory and language. we make new language to talk about our struggles and where we are going together. we talk with this language and don’t refuse moments for our communities to heal. but we refuse the white noise that infiltrates our path to victory and solidarity. we support over 560 Indigenous tribes in this country to speak about their philosophies because to be anti-Indigenous is to undermine the experience and intellect and cosmology of over 560 varying and phenomenal perspectives. we piss in a cave and into the ocean when we have no tobacco or tádídíín or turquoise to offer. we let the sun nourish us. we listen to the ocean. we enjoy the echo chamber before we head back to the city to be drowned out by white noise.

- Demian DinéYazhi ́ 

Demian DinéYazhi ́ is a transdisciplinary Indigenous Diné Non-Binary artist, poet, and curator. Their practice is a regurgitation of purported Decolonial praxis informed by the over accumulation and exploitative supremacist nature of hetero-cis-gendered communities post colonization. They were formed from their mother who is a descendant of sacred beings that came to emerge from this world through the holy act of migration and from a people ceremonially devoted to cosmological harmony and balance. They are a survivor of attempted european genocide, forced assimilation, manipulation, sexual and gender violence, capitalist sabotage, and hypermarginalization in a colonized country that refuses to center their politics and philosophies around the Indigenous Peoples whose Land they occupy and refuse to give back. They live and work in a post-post-apocalyptic world unafraid to fail. @heterogeneoushomosexual

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