Stories from an Anxious Childhood

group show

Stories from an Anxious Childhood

June 10-July 5, 1987

Opening Reception 7-9pm, June 12, 1987

Clark: “The eyes of the innocent pass while time remains a constant change and we hold on to mere memories. Who was I; who am I; where am I going?”

Durant: ”Listen, you think childhood comes down the pike like a river of halos?...Listen. I know this kid who has medieval eyes that roll back into his head every time he hears the word ‘history.’…He has innocent feet running over this grainy earth; he’s flying through rushing fields laughing; he’s running without memory. Listen.”

Snyder-Resleure: “Suicide, betrayal, and murder have all figured prominently in my family’s history. Like so many black stars, these events function as foci for my obsession, inspiration, and catharsis. My approach is intuitive, physical, and cautious. I try not to think about it. If I’m lucky, I experience exhilaration and terror in the same breath.”