group show


November 19 - December 20, 1997

Opening Reception: 6:00–9:00pm Friday, November 21, 1997


Entry Fee-Free Juried Exhibition Featuring: Judith Anderson, Amy Balkin, Steven Barich, Kevin Chen, Pamela Cobb, Andy Cox, Elizabeth Demaray, Bill Durgin, Megan Ellis, Marielle Farnan, Heidi Lynn Ganshaw, Mark Giglio, Andréa D. Guerra, Christine Heinitz, Adam Henry, Meg Hitchcock, Amanda Hughen, Malik Johnson, Kwang Yeol Kim, Patte Loper, Cassandra Lynn, M. Caren McCaleb, Peggy Nelson, Takahiro Noguchi, Alison Pebworth, Mel Prest, Ben Prince, Lisa Ricci, Magdalena Romero-Cristo, Don Ross, Christopher Russell, Jane Segal, Gedi Sibony, Randall Sinner, Indigo Som, P.K. Steffen, Oriane Stender, Elizabeth Stephens, Paul Stout, William Swanson, Derreck Torres, Sharon Trahan, Courtney Utt and Thea Vaughan

Juried by: Julie Lazar, Director of Experimental Programs, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Southern Exposure's seventh annual entry fee-free juried exhibition features current work by northern California artists, and invites entries as a therapeutic response and remedy to downsizing in the art world of the '90s. The exhibition draws hundreds of entries every year and serves as an important survey of northern California art. As always, the theme is open to interpretation, and artists are encouraged to stretch their imaginations and search their unconscious in considering the possibilities.  Scale and subject matter may vary, and topics could include miniatures, psychotherapy, downsizing, dwindling personal space, and diminishing resources.