New Paintings

group show

New Paintings

May 1-May 28, 1987


Opening Reception 6:30-8:30pm, May 1-28, 1987

Chiarito: “Chiarito’s large-scale oil paintings present back-lit, lyrical figures in cool interiors. These muse-like figure are seen against a backdrop of abstractly organized, imaginary landscapes.

Lum: “works on paper from 1984-1986. In the ‘auto-erotic’ series, automobiles become metaphors for America’s embrace of technology and machines. The Buddha series represents a search for spiritual, cultural, and symbolic meaning. The ‘bad Western art forgeries’ are pictures using the vernacular of the American West to explore philosophical and social issues, as well as formal concerns.

Wulf: “large-scale allegorical paintings which feature heavily-worked surfaces and dense light.”