Free Range

Free Range

SoEx launches a new series of events, walks, meetings, and public projects developed by a group of artists whose work deals with issues of the environment whether it be through farming, gardening, or working with city policy makers to improve our urban experience.

Upcoming Free Range Projects and Events

Pocket Seed Library
The Pocket Seed Library is an ongoing collection of seed packets and growing instructions designed to encourage people to plant, save and share seeds.

Pocket Seed Library Event:
A Garden Picnic: How Seeds Travel 
Saturday, October 18, 12-4pm

Eco Heroes
Eco Heroes is a series of photographs, texts and drawings documenting environmentally related actions and ideas that take place in the domestic intimacy of the urban and sub-urban garden.

Eco Heroes Event:
Draw Me Your Childhood Garden, a book launch, drawing session and potluck
Saturday, November 8, 3-6pm

June 14 - December 31, 2008