Green Book Highlights Persistence of Marginalized Communities

Charles Henry.
Sunday, August 05, 2018

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San Francisco Chronicle



Green Book is the 27th juried exhibition at Southern Exposure, a much-loved tradition at the art space. Every year, the organization chooses a guest curator and puts out an open call for submissions. In past years, artists would line up outside and wait for a brief meeting with the curator, who would take a look at each portfolio and select the works that touched them...This year, Southern Exposure did away with the line around the block and switched to digital submissions. The call was also limited to artists of color.

Stull Meyers had more than 130 entries to choose from. Two things struck her the most as she looked at the entries: the portrait work and the images of public spaces.

'I’m really interested in, through the concept of Green Book, thinking through what it is to be a person of color, a black or brown body, in public space and the various ways you feel forced to make compromises with your identity,' she says."

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Ryan Kost