SoEx Off-Site: The Graue Award Round 3

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SoEx Off-Site: The Graue Award Round 3

With the support of The Graue Family Foundation, Southern Exposure is offering a $15,000 award to commission a new public art project to be presented in the Bay Area in 2015.

Southern Exposure's Off-Site program commissions temporary, experimental new work that intervenes and interacts in the social and political spheres beyond the space of the gallery. Southern Exposure seeks projects that ignite dynamic conversations between site and audience. We support temporary interventions into public life and promote the use of public space as a place for creative expression.

With support from the Graue Family Foundation, Southern Exposure presented two major public art commissions in 2011 and 2013. These and other Off-Site projects include ephemeral work that is responsive to public space in unique ways such as: performances or presentations; experiential work such as walks, events, or discussions; and technology-based work such as new media, web or sound projects. The duration of the projects should be significant, from a series of events to a temporary installation.

The Award

$12,500 commission/project budget
​$2,500 artist fee

Award Timeline

May 13, 2014: Guidelines available
July, 2014: Select artists invited for meetings
September 2014: Announcement of award
2015: Project launch


Open to local, national and international artists with a focus on supporting Bay Area artists.

Review Process and Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by members of Southern Exposure's Curatorial Committee. We seek proposals from artists who demonstrate a potential for growth working in the public realm, or artists who would like to extend their practice into the public realm but have yet to work this way. Previous experience working in public is not essential.

The criteria by which we will be considering each proposal are as follows:

  • Broad accessibility of the project to the public
  • Artistic and creative strength of proposal
  • Ambition and challenging nature of proposal
  • Overall vision of the applicant(s)
  • Innovation of the project in the public art context
  • Capacity of applicant to realize the project
  • Feasibility of project (scale, scope, legal, financial, and otherwise)

How to Apply

Apply online at Please follow the instructions in the application and upload your completed application and support materials.


If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact us by email at [email protected]. Subject heading of the email should read "SoEx Off-Site Graue Award."

About Southern Exposure

Southern Exposure (SoEx) is an artist-centered non-profit organization that is committed to supporting visual artists. Through our extensive and innovative programming, SoEx strives to experiment, collaborate and further educate while providing an extraordinary resource center and forum for Bay Area and national artists and youth in our Mission District space and off-site, in the public realm.

About Southern Exposure Off-Site

Founded in 2006, Southern Exposure Off-Site commissions and presents temporary new work by visual artists that intervenes and interacts in the social and political spheres beyond the space of the gallery. SoEx supports and encourages these practices as few venues support emerging artists working in the public realm. Through SoEx Off-Site Southern Exposure encourages artists to work experimentally in public space, enabling artists to develop new works that could not otherwise be realized, and generating a critical dialog about emerging creative practices. Southern Exposure has commissioned and presented public projects with a wide range of artists including Liz Magic Laser, Allison Smith, Asher Hartman, Cliff Hengst, Nathaniel Parsons, Will Brown, Adam Overton, Liz Glynn, Helena Keeffe, David Buuck, Neighborhood Public Radio, Lee Walton, Kate Pocrass/Mundane Journeys, The San Francisco Bureau of Urban Secrets, Red76, Instant Coffee, Packard Jennings, Natalie Jeremijenko, Futurefarmers, Rebar, Preemptive Media, Bruce Tomb, Jenny Chapman and Mark A Reigelman II, and more.

About The Graue Award

In 2009, The Graue Family Foundation invested in Southern Exposure's growing public art initiative, SoEx Off-Site, through the creation of The Graue Award. The award offers an opportunity for local, national, and international artists to propose ideas leading to the development and presentation of an ambitious public art project in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2011, SoEx presented Manifest Destiny!, a project by Jenny Chapman & Mark A Reigelman II, on view in downtown San Francisco from November 2011 through October 2012. In 2013, Graue Award Grantee Liz Magic Laser presented her public project The Living Newspaper: Extra Extra, staging public performances inspired by daily newspaper photographs and headlines in newspaper kiosks in downtown San Francisco.