We Build Excitement Closing Ceremonies

Jesse Sugarmann

We Build Excitement Closing Ceremonies

Join us for an off-site event in Fremont, CA to mark the conclusion of Jesse Sugarmann's We Build Excitement project.

This event expands on the installation at Southern Exposure to touch on the Bay Area's current symbolic role in a post-Fordist economy. In Fremont, what was once the GM/Toyota NUMMI plant is now Tesla's center for electronic car production. This local car plant epitomizes a move within the national economy from large-scale production to speculation and information-based technologies, while also providing further evidence of the changing economic, demographic and cultural landscape of San Francisco.

Near this legendary factory, two cars – a 1985 Chevy Nova (the first car made at NUMMI) and a 1985 Toyota Corolla (the very same car) – will engage in acts of competition and celebration. Activities will include a NUMMI vehicular tug of war, the creation of a temporary monument built of NUMMI cars, and a burial ceremony for the spirit of NUMMI.

If you wish to drive to Fremont yourself (preferably in your Nova or Vibe), meet at Taqueria Las Vegas, 45401 Fremont Blvd, at 2:00 PM sharp.

We Build Excitement is a project of Creative Capital.