The Traveling Tapchan: Between Lands Edition

Between Lands Event

The Traveling Tapchan: Between Lands Edition


Friday, June 17, 2022
5:00 - 7:00 PM     

The Traveling Tapchan is a space where visitors can engage in public displays of leisure. Throughout the run of Between Lands, visitors will be invited to relax, recline, and watch Annie Albagli’s projected video, All We Found Were the Tales. Additionally, the Tapchan will host two public events to discuss our embodied experiences of air pollution, its effects on our bodies and our surrounding environment, and ways we can protect our bodies and communities from the long term effects of wildfire smoke. We will gather outside Southern Exposure to serve tea and specific foods that contain vitamins to curtail the long term effects of air pollution.

The Traveling Tapchan: Between Lands Edition will share foods from landscapes evoked throughout the exhibition. It will ask viewers to think about their breath in relation to place, including viewers' homelands and the landscapes cited in the exhibition. How can we build compassion through our shared experience of air pollution across different locations? What are the systems that directly impact the air we breathe? This edition will ask us to create bridges between locations using awareness of our breath, memories, and the politics of air across town, state, and country. We will think about how air moves beyond borders and the arbitrary delineations of a nation, when air defies territory. The event will take place outside the gallery for everyone's safety.