Thinkings by Brad Borevitz, Part 2

How computers change the way we see by altering the way we think

Thinkings by Brad Borevitz, Part 2

Brad Borevitz
Thinkings: How computers change the way we see by altering the way we think.

Second of a three-part discussion series

Tuesday, September 21, 7:00 – 9:00pm
Tuesday, October 19, 7:00 – 9:00pm
Tuesday, November 16, 7:00 – 9:00pm

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It is all but undeniable that our life with computers has changed us: what we see, how we see it, and how we think about it. Still, a deep understanding of the significance of that change is difficult to grasp. We tend to focus on the epiphenomena rather than the deep structure of computational culture. We are immersed in brands, in products, in spectacle and experience: Google, Facebook, Youtube, and iPhone, 3D, texting and sexting – but we rarely consider data as such, or what a system is – at least consciously. And yet, our way of seeing and thinking is arguably radically different after the recent ubiquity of computers.

In Thinkings, Brad Borevitz, who sometimes refers to his own work with computers as 'conceptual software' will facilitate an exploration of the impact of computers on art practice and the practice of every day life. Over the course of three evenings, participants will work through concepts which the artist sees as crucial to understanding the computer's impact: the automation of variation, the automation of the sublime, and the automation of the image itself.

In coining the term Thinkings on an analogy with Kaprow's Happenings, Borevitz emphasizes the relation between the prepared score of a curriculum and the improvisation of a participatory learning experience. Thinkings include the expectation that the event can serve as a platform for the thought of participants and artist together, not simply the presentation of thought as an already accomplished feat or fact.

There are no prerequisites, no homework. The purchase of a book produced for the series is required ($35.00, scholarships available based on need). Participants are strongly encouraged to attend all three events.

Visit Brad's website [] for more information about his work and ideas.