Terrible Noises for Beautiful People, performance

Terrible Noises for Beautiful People by Misha Glouberman image by Courtney Costello

Terrible Noises for Beautiful People, performance

TICKETS: $8 - $15 sliding scale / FREE for SoEx members
No advance tickets. Tickets go on sale at SoEx at 7:30 pm on the night of the performance. Doors open at 8:00 pm. All performances take place at Southern Exposure unless otherwise stated.

Canadian artist Misha Glouberman is particularly good at organizing groups of people to make unusual noises together. At Southern Exposure, Glouberman presents TERRIBLE NOISES FOR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, a participatory sound performance involving you, the audience. For this one night performance, Glouberman directs and leads audience members to create unusual sounds together through improvised behavior using only the voice. Glouberman promises “a lot of yelling, a certain amount of running around and also some really quiet parts," and hopes to create an audible environment that will be exciting, alarming and sometimes beautiful.

This is a fully participatory event, with no spectators. You don’t have to be a musician or singer to take part, or have ever done anything like this before. If however, you are not one for unusual or experimental sounds and noises you may want to reconsider or you may just want to take the leap.

*Special thanks to the Oliver Ranch Foundation for their support of Misha Glouberman's project Terrible Noises for Beautiful People. Glouberman will present a series of performances in September 2010 in Ann Hamilton's "The Tower" located on Oliver Ranch. For more information visit www.oliverranchfoundation.org.