The Bruce High Quality Foundation


The Bruce High Quality Foundation — TEACH 4 AMERIKA
With creative collaboration from PRACTICE (Erin Klenow, Nick Sung, Najeeb Tarazi)

This event is invitation only. For more information or to join the conversation, please contact Courtney Fink at [email protected].

What is art school for? Given its exorbitant cost and the unlikelihood of art market success for most students, what should art education be? And what institutions are best suited for the task?

Teach 4 Amerika: The Conversation asks local art students, creative thinkers, and arts professionals to consider these questions on the local level as the first step toward constructing a national imagination of the future of arts education.

Participants will arrive prepared to share and exchange in an open forum the ideas, methodologies, and individual histories that have informed their practice.

Participants should consider:
1. Define what it means to work with or within arts education for you.
2. What would you say are the top three problems with arts education in your area today? Why?
3. Imagine the best possible educational situation for yourself. What does that look like?

About the Project

In late March 2011, The Bruce High Quality Foundation will pile into a used limousine-cum-school bus and take off on a month-long, coast-to-coast investigation of what's going on with contemporary art schools.

"The idea of art education needs to be taken back from the self-fulfilling professional art education industrial complex," the Foundation argues, "and put in terms — economic, social, and practical – for artists on the ground." Teach 4 Amerika is a rallying effort to begin this conversation on a national scale and to encourage a new generation of students, artists, and educators to imagine what is possible for art education in America.

For more information on Teach 4 Amerika or to learn more about The Bruce High Quality Foundation, please visit: www.thebrucehighqualityfoundation.com and www.creativetime.org.