Sipping Session: Artist-made Beverages

With Lauren Anderson, Eric Cabunoc, Mariah Gardner, Pete Nelson & Alison Pebworth

Sipping Session: Artist-made Beverages

Part of Lunar Mission, a night of collaborative event programming from seven galleries in the Southeast Mission

Sips by Donation

For Sipping Session, Southern Exposure is transformed into a convivial gathering place for drinking and conversation, operating like a public house for one night. Each of the participating artists work to create a beverage, often distilled from local ingredients. Because the drinks these artists serve are an extension of their creative practice, each beverage made operates as a work of art.

Sipping Session responds to On the Ground, the exhibition currently on view at SoEx exploring artists' response to a particular locale, by literally offering up a taste of our own locality, responding to the Mission's enthusiasm for hyper-local food and beverage culture by serving a drink created and sourced right here.

Sipping Session is SoEx’s contribution to Lunar Mission, a collaboration between seven galleries in the immediate neighborbood including Galeria de la Raza, Guerrero Gallery, Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Gallery Hijinks, Southern Exposure, Triple Base and Steven Wolfe Fine Arts, all presenting concurrent programming on March 19, 2011.

About the Artists

Lauren Anderson, founder and director of Produce to the People, ferments the crops she collects with the Backyard Harvest Project into homemade drinks made under the moniker, Garage Brew. She will be serving up blackberry-infused green tea kombucha and snakebites, made from equal parts cider and ale.

Eric Cabunoc’s Coffee Bike is a hand-built, full-service café on three wheels where coffee is roasted, brewed, and served on the spot.

Mariah Gardner’s Tonic No. 4 is brewed from all-natural ingredients and infused with local citrus. The tonic is added to cocktails or sold on its own in small, hand-labeled bottles from behind an old-time San Francisco bar, built by the artist herself.

Pete Nelson’s sound and sculpture installation, The Cod Fish Poem, dispenses “shine” from an elaborate hand-built still.

Alison Pebworth debuted The Americanitis Elixir at Southern Exposure in April 2010. Distilled from spring water, honey and wild yeasts collected within San Francisco and flavored with backyard fruits and herbs, it was offered as a homemade, hometown antidote to the national ailment, Americanitis, first identified in the late 19th century. Pebworth’s project was a great inspiration for Sipping Session’s programming. For Sipping Session, Pebworth presents The Lunar Mission Elixir, sourced from within the perimeters of the seven co-presenting galleries and aged under the Mission Moon.