Radical Teaching Artists, Fresh Ideas and New Perspectives

A Salon Discussion

Radical Teaching Artists, Fresh Ideas and New Perspectives

JD Beltran
Amanda Eicher
Jerome Reyes
Malik Seneferu
Wendy Testu

Organized by: Tara Foley, SoEx's Artists in Education Program Manager

The arts may be struggling from the lack of funding and support, but teaching artists are still generating inventive and inspiring projects that often get over looked.

Questions that will be considered include: How can political and social issues be addressed and integrated into art curriculums? In what ways can experiences with art open up new possibilities for curiosity, learning and community engagement? How can we give students the space to explore and question while also meeting the demands of the current educational climate? How do teaching artists integrate their own practices into their teaching? How are artist educators modeling, or remodeling, healthy and vibrant teaching methodologies?

Join Southern Exposure for salon discussion featuring local teaching artists as they discuss these questions and share their projects with us.