NPR Monthly Broadcast RC03: First

Neighborhood Public Radio

NPR Monthly Broadcast RC03: First

Time: 1:00 - 5:00 PM
Location: Southern Exposure, 2901 Mission Street @ 25th Street

First place, first chair, first in line, first done, first of the year, first time, first home, first arrest... Americans are obsessed with being "First," but what exactly does "first" mean? Is it the physical presence of being before everyone else? Is it the feeling of accomplishment when your opponents are left in the dust? Is it the fear creeping up on you for the unknown? Or is it the pain of your initial tooth? This program will delve into all the inaugural, premier, virginal and paramount meanings behind the word "First". Curated by Zefrey Throwell. For more information visit


Noon – 12:30 PM: Lee Montgomery reminiscing about NPR's first broadcast
12:30 1:00 PM: Ashley Neese: Ashley will be reading the 1st short story she's written since 5th grade
1:00 1:30 PM: Zefrey Throwell: Frank Prattle
1:30 2:00 PM: Linda Arnejo: 1st Amendment Discussion
2:00 2:30 PM: Bryson Dejong: First Hot Rod
2:30 3:00 PM: Jon Brumit: Live from Michigan
3:00 3:30 PM: Neighborhood Assemblies Network: First meeting about their radio project
3:30 4:00 PM: Inge Hootne: My first conversation with a Hasidic Jew