Noise Systems


Noise Systems

April 2, 1997

Reception: 7:30pm, Wednesday, April 2, 1997

Admission: $6/$3 members and students

Carrie Field, Dawn Rudd, and Wet Gate: The All-Projector Orchestra

As part of Southern Exposures ongoing inter-disciplinary performative ‘Noise’ series; Wet Gate: The All-Projector Orchestra creates audio-visual collages using optical film sound, a non-precision instrument which allows for analog anomalies and the joy of unplanned phenomena. Peter Coheim, Steve Dye, and Owen O’toole are the “band”, 16mm sound projectors are the instruments.

Carrie Field aka “Hortense” combines dance, writing and vocal material as she performs the adventures of her character “Little Fish.” “Little Fish” speaks of the struggle to define who we are in relation to others as we bust out of our own aquariums.

Dawn Rudd is known for her passionate and thought-provoking prose, as well as for her sense of humor and wit.