Musical Cries and Manifestos, a Cries of SF Event

With Allison Smith

Musical Cries and Manifestos, a Cries of SF Event

With short stories, speeches and songs by Chris Carlsson, Joel Pomerantz, Nathaniel Parsons, Jamie Venci, Erik Baake, Maja Ruznic, Jesse Boardman Kauppila, Ana Fernandez, Jenifer Kaufman and Binta Ayofemi

Join SoEx for an evening of storytelling, speeches and other forms of public address by project participants and local heroes. Like The Cries of San Francisco, a project that offers up melodic stories and calls, Musical Cries and Manifestos shares research, revelations and stories from the street.

Nathaniel Parsons was the lead singer in Bay Area band Little My. He is also participating artist in The Cries of San Francisco as HA HA LA, a performance artist who was born on a hike in Muir Woods (2005). HA HA LA found himself in a in a burned out Redwood Hollow while playing a tambourine gifted from a family friend. For Musical Cries and Manifestos, HA HA LA offers a progression to an end, forwarded, a middle found. An exploration in sound of what makes a moment. HA HA LA has produced numerous songs, most of them offer reflection of the beat poets fail-safe delivery.

Chris Carlsson, executive director of the multimedia history project Shaping San Francisco, is a writer, publisher, editor and community organizer.
For Musical Cries and Manifestos, Carlsson will read "Jobs" Don't Work!, a manifesto like piece.

Joel Pomerantz is a San Francisco-based writer and natural history educator recognized for his work in local journalism, public art and community service. Under the name Thinkwalks, he offers various educational explorations and presentations about how San Francisco came to be what it is today. He conducts ongoing research into historic natural features and groundwaterlocations, and also tries to shed light on economic and cultural motivations of population shifts in San Francisco. For Musical Cries and Manifestos, Pomerantz will describe how he got lost in a muddle of puddle maps, emerging with a spring, telling a historical tale of broken lakes and crime in San Francisco.