Meltdown: Charting the Condition of Cool

Panel Discussion

Meltdown: Charting the Condition of Cool


Reception: 8:00 pm, Thursday, February 26, 1998

Panelists: John Couch, Hans Koch, Avatar Kramer, Marc Smolowitz, Suzanne Stein, Greg Taylor; Moderators: Glen Helfand, Reena Jana

What does it mean to be "alternative" or "cool" at the end of the century? MTV, once an arbiter of youthful taste, is now a fading conglomerate, "independent" films swept the Oscars-- last year -- and nearly every underground trend seems to bubble up into the mainstream with surprising swiftness.  And what about Courtney Love?  Our yearning for innovation and media scoops has resulted in a curious, somewhat confusing cultural moment.  In Meltdown, an esteemed group of art and culture-makers will consider a variety of questions relating to the fate of the alternative.

Admission: $6/$3 members and students