Lands End in the Mission: You're Already There

Comings & Goings by Jeannene Przyblyski

Lands End in the Mission: You're Already There

Join the SF Bureau of Urban Secrets, Southern Exposure, and the National Parks Conservancy and learn about the national parks right in your backyard! Journey out to Lands End from the Mission for guided interpretative hikes. Lands End guided walks involve moderate walking, some steps and steeper grades. Wear sturdy shoes and bring a bag lunch. Water and snacks will be provided.

Schedule for the Day

10:00 AM: Meet at Southern Exposure.
10:30 AM: PresidioGo shuttles depart from Southern Exposure for Lands End.
11:00 AM: Arrive at Lands End. Participants can choose from one of these guided tours below
2:30 PM: Participants meet back at the Merrie Way Parking Lot to board the PresidioGo shuttles for return to Southern Exposure.
3:00 PM: Shuttles arrive at Southern Exposure.

Guided tours include:

SF Bureau of Urban Secrets Executive Director Jeannene Przyblyski will offer a guided walking tour at Lands End, giving a behind-the-scenes view of the Bureau's time traveling project, Comings & Goings: 2 Backwards Journeys thru Lands End.

Artist Ryan Jones is working on an ongoing project to document migratory activities at Lands End. Through photography and a variety of other research methods, Jones is compiling an exhaustive field guide to identify the types of birds, ships, airplanes, boats, helicopters, and people that use Lands End as a temporary resting place, visual landmark or final destination. Come help Ryan look for these varied forms of migrations.

Artist Josh Keller presents Lost In The Landscape. In this work Josh has printed reminders of the constructed landscapes and forgotten histories of Lands End onto golf balls, which have been specifically lost in particular parts of the landscape for visitors to find and keep. The messages, limited by the size of the ball, are intended to invoke curiosity and to stimulate further investigation by the finder. If you find one, see if you can figure out the history to which the ball is referring. Josh will be on hand to answer questions.

Artist Jen Selden will offer park visitors an opportunity to participate in an extension of her current research into No Place In Particular (a phrase that she originally noticed on the destination display of some MUNI buses in San Francisco). Each park visitor will be equipped with a list of instructions based on the artist’s observations of the average park user. These instructions are playful and create a small spectacle for onlookers while encouraging participants to become more active Lands End users.

Take a walk on the wildflower side of life with former Lands End Stewardship Program Manager, Asha Setty. Her botany background will get you up close and personal with the unique plants that live perched on the edge of San Francisco! Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to make a difference by joining the Lands End Stewards to pull out invasive plants in the recently restored areas along the trail. Gloves, tools, and a real work party provided!