The Cries of San Francisco: Saturday Market #3

Saturday Market seen from above

The Cries of San Francisco: Saturday Market #3

Throughout The Cries of San Francisco, select Cries will be present at Southern Exposure on three different Saturdays to enact their projects, engage with visitors, sing their cries and hawk their wares.

Visit the Gallery on Saturday, July 2, 2011 to join Allison Smith and the following artists:

Binta Ayofemi as the Ice Store
Erik Bakke as The Executor of Expletives, Insults and Hurtful Words
Kayla Bearg and Dominic Santos as I AM :)
shiloh burton as The Self Appointed Acting Director, GIA
Torreya Cummings as Sycamore Slim's Sundries Wagon: Purveyor of Life's Finest Little Necessities to Help Brighten These Dark Times
Maddie Fried and Bryce Hidysmith as the Revenge of the Sun of the Return of the Sun Monkey Duck Bear 2: Electric Boogaloo
Jeremiah Jenkins as Support Services
kayte stasny kelly as The Ice Cream Girl
Diala Khasawnih as Zizi Hasheeteh
Peter Max Lawrence as Paper Waster Press
Linda Trunzo as the Amazing Intrepid Gleaner
Eduardo Valadez as Don Fortuna presenting San Pancho Buendia

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