Bad Hand

Luca Antonucci

Bad Hand, 2015

Blueprint on bond paper, wood frame
22 x 30 inches
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Courtesy of the artist
"Bad Hand" is a blueprint depiction of the Venus De Milo's hand holding apple, deliberately not re-attached because it proves that the Venus belongs to the Hellenistic era of Greek Art and at the time of its discovery would have been less valuable. It's less rendered form hints at the veracity of the statue's fame. 
Luca Antonucci lives and works in San Francisco. He is co-founder of the publishing practice Colpa and a resident artist at Basement.
He received his BA from The University of San Francisco and his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He has had solo exhibitions at City Limits and Cain Schulte in San Francisco, as well as Pro Arts in Oakland. He has participated in group exhibitions at Bass and Reiner, San Francisco; San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery; Et al., San Francisco; Royal Nonesuch, Oakland; Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland and The Reinstitute, Baltimore.