Week Without Walls 2005: Adventures in Video Art

Artists In Education Program

Week Without Walls 2005: Adventures in Video Art

April 2 – 7, 2005

Collaborators: Leadership High School, Bay Area Video Coalition

A one-week intensive video art workshop for Leadership High School students.

History of Leadership High School’s Week Without Walls: 2004 – 2006
Partnering a professional artist with students from Leadership High School and lead teacher Anna Kashner, this one-week intensive project explores how art can help students express their feelings and speak their mind. Together, students learn how poetry, video, or other media have been an essential part of self-expression and have helped create a positive arena for youth to make a difference. During the yearly, intensive, thirty-five hour week of workshops, students examine the history of the medium, analyze various examples, develop their skills, seek out sources of inspiration, and create a piece to perform or present in a youth arts event at Southern Exposure. Within the workshops, the medium is used as a vehicle toward learning leadership skills and engaging in community activ