Race, Representation, and Youth at Balboa High School

Artists in Education Program

Race, Representation, and Youth at Balboa High School

Fall 1994

Lead Teaching Artists: Keith Knight, Lise Swensen, Natasha Ogunji, Jean Paul Petraud and Karen Williams

Collaborators: Balboa High School

AIE Program Manager: Tana Johnson

For the past year, 9th grade students at Balboa High School have participated in Race, Representation, and Youth, a media literacy program that focused on teaching students how to analyze and critique media messages that target youth and perpetuate cultural stereotypes. The students worked with five Bay Area artists to create videos, “zines”, books, radio shows and advertisements to better reflect the cultural diversity in their community. Artists included cartoonist Keith Knight, photographer Natasha Ogunji, sculptor Karen Williams, and video artists Lise Swensen and Jean Paul Petraud. Race, Representation, and Youth is a collaborative project between Southern Exposure, Strategies for Media Literacy, the HERALD project, San Francisco State University's Inter-Arts Center, and the San Francisco Unified School District. *Archivist’s note: Fall 1994 – Spring 1995 was RRY’s first year.