• Round 12


JAGAH in Sanskrit means place, home, sanctuary. Natasha Dangond and Vasudhaa Narayanan’s individual journeys by way of India, Africa, and South America, brought them to the Bay Area to connect and create a space that is meaningful and familiar; somewhere to belong and explore their multidimensional identities. The goal of our collective is to encourage artists to reveal and uncover our complex narratives rooted in South Asia (i.e. artists from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka). 

Over 200 years of colonization has resulted in our communities being continuously fractured, dispersed and reimagined. Nevertheless, there exists a collective sense of memory that flows through our culture, despite the effects of migration and displacement. JAGAH’s goal is to unify South Asian artists through community building, dialogue, and collaborative artistic practices. Through group exhibitions, performances, and self-published works created by artists within diverse South Asian communities, we aim to explore our individual collective relationships to the diaspora.

Alternative Exposure grantee lead applicant: 

Natasha Dangond