2020 Emergency Relief Grant Recipients: Second Round

  • Round 14

2020 Emergency Relief Grant Recipients: Second Round

In response to the urgent needs of the Bay Area arts community, Southern Exposure has offered a second round of Alternative Exposure grants to support local artists who are in dire need of emergency support. SoEx recognizes that artists are facing unforeseen and potentially catastrophic challenges right now due to canceled and postponed exhibitions, performances, and other gigs and day jobs due to COVID-19.

Southern Exposure, with the support of San Francisco Grants for the Arts, has allocated a total of $19,000 to support San Francisco-based working artists in need right now. Nineteen grants of $1,000 have been offered to visual and multidisciplinary artists. Priority was given to artists who are Black, Indigenous, POC, elder, LGBTQ+, disabled, immunocompromised, and immigrants. Funds may be used to cover any needed expenses that are related to lost income due to COVID-19. This marks the second round of emergency relief funding provided by Southern Exposure in 2020, for a total of 79 grants and $79,00 distributed to Bay Area artists in need.

The following artists have recieved grants in this round of funding: 

Ajit Chauhan
Anika Zaman
Bill Basquin
Catherine McMahon
Erik Parra
Europa Grace
Guadalupe Ramos
Jerome Reyes
Jesus Huezo
Johnny Huy Nguyen
Lucia Ippolito
Mareiwa Miller
Miriam Elizabeth Munguia Orellana
Monica Magtoto
randy reyes
Rea Lynn de Guzman
Samantha Dizon
Vida Kuang