Southern Exposure Announces 2013, Round 7 Alternative Exposure Grant Recipients

Southern Exposure is proud to announce the Round 7 grant recipients of our Alternative Exposure Grant Program. This year, Southern Exposure awarded $70,000 to 16 projects at levels ranging from $2,400 to $5,000, distributing a record amount in the midst of local economic changes and dwindling resources for artists. With major funding from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and additional backing from the San Francisco Grants for the Arts, Alternative Exposure supports the independent and self-organized work of artists and collaboratives playing a critical role in the San Francisco Bay Area arts community.

The 2013 Alternative Exposure Grant Recipients*
Aggregate Space Gallery
Always Get On the Boat
Bay Area Public School
Black Hole Cinematheque
Black Salt Collective
Doubt It / Talk Series
Important Projects
Interface Gallery
Little Paper Planes / LPP+ Residency
Mandala Project
OGAARD - Textile Work
Queens of the Castro
Savernack Street
Shapeshifters Cinema
Sudo Room

Since launching the program in 2007, Southern Exposure has awarded $421,000 in direct funds to 120 projects. The Alternative Exposure grants serve as catalysts towards sustaining a vital arts community in the Bay Area. The grants stimulate increased activity and growth, promoting ambitious projects and publically recognizing the important role they play in creating a vibrant Bay Area culture.

Alternative Exposure awards funds to groups or individuals that create frameworks of support for other Bay Area artists, extending Southern Exposure’s community and audience with each successive year. Alternative Exposure recognizes the work of unincorporated groups, burgeoning art and gathering spaces, publications, websites, collectives, events and independent, artist-centered projects that fall outside traditional funding opportunities.

An outside panel selected the 2013 grantees including Christian Frock, founder and director of Invisible Venue, a curatorial enterprise focused on presenting artwork in unexpected settings; Emma Spertus, co-founder of Real Time & Space, a studio and artist residency in Oakland; and Sara Velas, founder and director of Velaslavasay Panorama, a Los Angeles non-profit exhibition hall, theatre and garden.

Introducing 2013 Alternative Exposure Grant Recipients

Steffi Drewes, Pete Hickok, Conrad M. Meyers II and Sarah D. Willis: $5,000
Aggregate Space Gallery is an independent, artist-run gallery in West Oakland focused on innovative sculptural and new media works by Bay Area visual artists. The gallery’s programs and services include exhibitions, literary events, a writer’s residency, fabrication shop and subsidized design studios for visual artists.

Constance Hockaday with the artists of the 5th Avenue Marina: $4,700
Always Get On The Boat is an in situ multimedia installation arts experience at Oakland’s 5th Avenue Marina that will take place over the course of two weekends in 2014. The event will feature installation, performance, lectures and music, highlighting the marina and the artist and activist communities living and working on the edge of Oakland’s waters.

David Brazil, David Keenan, Olivia Mole, Nico Peck and Niki Shelley: $4,700
The Bay Area Public School is a collaborative, community-supported free school headquartered in Oakland that hosts classes, lectures, performances and exhibitions. The School’s organizers and participants are artists, writers and activists dedicated to collectively-building a curriculum of radical culture through literature, visual arts and dance.

Daniel Isaac Kaminsky: $5,000
Black Hole Cinematheque is a community-based microcinema, film archive and resource center located in a residential warehouse in West Oakland. Operating as a 16mm film archive since 2009 and hosting public events since 2011, Black Hole Cinematheque provides local and international artists with a venue to present new moving image and performance works.

Sarah Biscarra-Dilley, Grace Rosario Perkins, Anna Luisa Petrisko and Adee Roberson: $4,700
Black Salt Collective is a Bay Area queer, women-of-color artist collective that is developing a site-specific, interactive installation and live performance for the San Francisco Public Library in 2014. Using soft sculpture, animation, dialogue, film, music and prayer, the project will explore alternative knowledge transmissions through experimental visual storytelling.

Kait Mooney: $4,700
Doubt It / Talk Series is an experimental lecture format that works to create a physical and social space for artists to present diverse forms of queer cultural production through lectures, performances and screenings. The series takes place at n/a, an Oakland exhibition space with a focus on queer experience in contemporary art practice.

Jason Benson and Joel Dean: $4,700
Important Projects is an artist-run exhibition space located in the second story of a house in the Rockridge district of Oakland. Founded in 2009, the gallery provides a venue for both Bay Area artists and those outside the region, serving as an accessible social space where people can meet, engage with artwork and share ideas.

Suzanne L’Heureux: $5,000
Interface Gallery is an Oakland alternative arts space presenting interactive, interdisciplinary programs rooted in social practice and community-building. Through an open call process, Interface Gallery will launch three dynamic, month-long projects in 2014 that emphasize participation, community and exchange.

Kelly Lynn Jones: $5,000
Set within the new Little Paper Planes storefront in San Francisco, the LPP+ Residency provides artists, makers, designers and curators with community engagement opportunities and space during month-long residencies. Little Paper Planes has connected artists and collectors through sales of artwork, prints, handmade objects and ephemera since 2004.

Amy M. Ho: $5,000
The Mandala Project is a weekly drawing workshop that will take place during the open studio art class at San Quentin Prison. The project promotes art as a means for inmates to learn new skills, develop self-confidence and work within a cooperative, positive environment. Resulting artworks will be publicly displayed to encourage community awareness of prison issues and to highlight rehabilitative programs in prison.

Tessa Watson: $4,700
OGAARD - Textile Work is a textile-focused gallery and studio space in Oakland that offers monthly exhibitions, workshops, artist studios and publicly-accessible tools and materials. OGAARD provides a platform and community hub for the dynamic and inspiring work of contemporary textile-focused artists.

Eric Aviles, Myla Baker, Alexander Hernandez, Taica Hsu, Mitch Laffins and Ben Rodriguez: $2,500
Queens of the Castro is a group of drag performers that works with public schools to create safe places for LGBTQ youth free of bullying, intolerance and discrimination. In collaboration with artist Alexander Hernandez, the group will facilitate after-school sewing workshops for LGBTQ students and their allies at Mission High school to make one-of-a-kind attire for a fashion show performance at the school’s annual Gay Straight Alliance drag event.

Carrie Katz: $4,700
Savernack Street is a non-traditional art gallery located in San Francisco’s Mission district exhibiting site-specific works experienced by looking through a reverse peephole. The gallery supports local artists working across mediums, providing them with a uniquely challenging context in which to negotiate and create site-specific works addressing issues of access, the complexity of seeing and the power dynamics between art and audience.

Gilbert Guerrero and Kathleen Quillian: $2,400
Shapeshifters Cinema is a monthly curated experimental media series that pairs live presentation of moving image works with accompaniment from musicians and sound artists at the Temescal Art Center in North Oakland. Shapeshifters Cinema champions the work of experimental artists working in the realm of “expanded cinema,” a term that encompasses a range of exploratory practices that transgress boundaries between media.

Lauren McKeon: $2,500
SPLITS is a free publication that will support new collaborations between Bay Area visual artists and dancers. Published twice annually and distributed at arts and dance venues, bookshops, museums, galleries and art schools, SPLITS seeks to promote creative dialogue across disciplines within the broader Bay Area arts audience.

Marc Juul, Max Klein, Marina Kukso, Jenny Ryan and Matthew Senate: $4,700
Sudo Room is a creative community and hackerspace in downtown Oakland that provides free classes, events, public space and tools for working on projects. Sudo Room has open membership and is committed to access, empowerment and public good. Its members collaborate on ideas and projects in citizen science, digital literacy, environmental sustainability and more.

Southern Exposure is committed to serving as a resource for the vibrant independent visual arts community through this and its other programs. The Alternative Exposure grant program, launched in 2007, was the founding program of a now national network of regional re-granting programs supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Other programs in the initiative include The Idea Fund in Houston, Texas; The Propeller Fund in Chicago, Illinois; Rocket Grants in Kansas City, Missouri; and The Precipice Fund in Portland, Oregon.


Alternative Exposure is organized and administered with lead support from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and additional funding from San Francisco Grants for the Arts as part of the Regional Regranting Program of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.