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About Southern Exposure
Southern Exposure (SoEx) is an artist-centered non-profit organization that is committed to supporting visual artists. Through our extensive and innovative programming, SoEx strives to experiment, collaborate and further educate while providing an extraordinary resource center and forum for Bay Area and national artists and youth in our Mission District space and off-site, in the public realm.

An active presence in the Bay Area since 1974, SoEx is continually evolving in response to the needs of artists and the community while engaging the public in artists' work. Central to our mission is to remain the most accessible space for visual artists to produce and present new work, learn, and connect. SoEx provide visual artists with the tools and resources they need to experiment in an open and supportive environment. We also work to advocate to new, diverse audiences and build an ever-growing community of enthusiasts and supporters of the visual arts.

Program Overview

*Projects, Events and Exhibitions: SoEx offers visual artists the opportunity to work in formats and contexts that extend and challenge their artistic development and offers exposure to new audiences. With a focus on commissioning new work, SoEx supports artists in the development of large-scale projects, performances, workshops, and through residencies and gatherings to create a forum on contemporary sociopolitical and cultural issues and new modes of production. An artist-run Curatorial Committee made up of a rotating group of 8 artists and 2 staff members selects artists to develop and present new ideas.

*SoEx Off-Site / Public Art: SoEx’s public art programs seek to commission and present new work by that intervenes and interacts in the social and political spheres beyond the space of gallery. SoEx supports and encourages these practices as few venues support emerging artists working in the public. The recently completed, acclaimed yearlong series, SoEx Offsite, commissioned eight public art projects and related programs investigating artists’ strategies for exploring and mapping public space around the Bay Area.

*Artists in Education Program (AIE): SoEx’s nationally recognized Artists in Education (AIE) program brings together diverse youth, artists, schools and community organizations in a dynamic series of innovative programs. AIE offers youth opportunities to learn critical, artistic, vocational, and cultural experiences beyond the traditional school environment. It also offers professional teaching opportunities for local emerging artists to become arts educators, extending their practice into the community. Each year SoEx employs 20 teaching artists and works with 150, 14 to 21 year olds through year-round after-school and summer programs.

*Grants to Artists/Alternative Exposure Grant Program: In 2007, SoEx launched the Alternative Exposure Grant Program, a major new initiative that offers more than $60,000 in grants annually to local artists and groups working in the visual arts. From 2007-11 SoEx has granted nearly $300,000 to 88 local projects through this new program supported and created in partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and with additional support from Grants for the Arts/SF Hotel Tax Fund. SoEx will run the 6th round of this program in 2012 and will distribute $66,000.

*Publications:  Southern Exposure Publications provide the public with access programs, stimulates dialogue and engagement with artwork, and encourages critical writing about the arts.