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Ant Farm was active from 1968 – 1978 with a practice that crossed boundaries between architecture, art, and media and often combined elements of each. Founded in San Francisco in August 1968 by Chip Lord and Doug Michels and joined soon after by Hudson Marquez and Curtis Schreier, the group had studios in Sausalito, Houston, Texas and at Pier 40 in San Francisco from 1973 until 1978 when the Pier was destroyed by fire. Ant Farm’s interest in the public realm can be seen in both the Cadillac Ranch sculpture and the Media Burn performance, two works that continue to resonate with art audiences more than 30 years after they were created. The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archives mounted a comprehensive retrospective of Ant Farm in 2004 which travelled to five other venues in the US and Europe. Additional exhibitions were at the FRAC Centre, Orleans, France, 2007 and the Graduate School of Architecture at Columbia University, 2008. In 2007 Lord and Schreier asked Bruce Tomb to join them to realize a commission from SFMOMA – Ant Farm Media van v.08 [Time Capsule] was shown in “The Art of Participation: 1950 – Now”.

For more information on Ant Farm, please visit their website